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IQ decline and Piaget: Does the rot start at the top?

Until very recently, we have enjoyed a more favorable ratio of adults to children in the home, more and better schooling, more cognitively demanding jobs, and better health and conditions of the aged. These caused large IQ gains for several generations. However, the same factors can turn from positive to mixed or even negative. The number of children in the home has reached a minimum (and indeed there are more solo-parent homes), middle class parents have used up the tricks that make the pre-school environment cognitively enriching, we appear to have reached a limit in terms of enhanced schooling and the number we keep in school into adulthood, the economy may be producing fewer cognitively demanding jobs in favor of more service work

Children drifted away from formal toward concrete thinking. They became more and more immersed in modern visual and aural electronic culture. More time (four to five hours a day, more on weekends) spent on TV, com- puter games, and cell-phones, all of which decrease their attention span. A hypothesis: When Volume and Heaviness was first used in the CSMS National survey in 1975–6 there was a boy/girl IQ difference of 0.50 SD. At the time, this was attributed to differential play patterns between the ages of 4 to 8. These were unaltered until 1994. After that, thanks to the new electronic culture, the way in which boys and girls spent their free time gradually became the same. As a result, the IQ gender gap steadily decreased. By 2002 it disappeared and in 2003, boys and girls began to suffer IQ decline in tandem

Подрастающие американки и американцы одновременно деградируют, пялясь в гаджеты по пять часов на дню.

Какой шанс для русской советской классической школы!

Даёшь розги и логарифмические линейки!

Кстати, хороший символ для герба Минобрнауки, двухглавый орал с указанным инструментарием в лапках. Можно было бы и одной линейкой, как инструментом универсальным обойтись, двуручной, да нужно и науке шанс оставить.

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